Now RSS feeds can sprawl over the My MSN pages. scoble (how many links is that now Robert? Do I get a channel 9 guy soon?) announced it a couple of days back, but there were no instructions on how to add suitable "flair" to your pages and display a suitable link users could click to add your feed to their MSN home page. This afternoon Gretchen Ledgard's husband, "Josh (heh, bet you're not used to that Josh <g>) rolled out his new "pimped blog" and there it was, a little "add to my MSN" button.

Lets set aside the stupidly large number of buttons that on-line aggregators are producing now and the fact that none of them look right next to each other as they compete for eyeballs. If you want to add a My MSN link to your feed then add a link in the form

<a href=";ut=http://myRSSfeedURL&amp;ru=myHomePageURL">

obviously changing myRSSfeedURL and myHomePageURL to point to your pages. I'm sure MSN will have a little link generator somewhere, I just can't find it.