Pay attentionA slightly more relaxed Developer Day yesterday, with calming blue speaker polo shirts. This time I covered "Security ASP.NET Applications and Communications" which attempted to give an overview of ASP.NET's security model, guide the choices made when choosing authentication and authorisation strategies, a brief look at how to secure communications between tears and some how tos supporting the options I had covered previously. The slides and notes are available.

I ended up with a full session, with a couple of people sitting on the floor at the sides of the room, always quite intimidating and ego boasting at the same time. There was a lot of material to cover and, for a change, no demos to go wrong. Hurrah.

My mic is bigger than yours. And I'm a girlAs the events are held on a Saturday the attendees are very enthusiastic and dedicated enough to give up a weekend; to say nothing of the speakers who, excluding myself as I ended up going to bed very late on the Friday night/Saturday morning, put a lot of time and effort into their presentations. Craig Murphy and his band of merry helpers run the event with a very organised hand. Of course every event like this has its silly moments and, as usual these were provided by the Rich and Dave show. It was all lungs to the "pumps" early in the morning helping to blow up the "crap swag" which povided great amusement later on as they were piled into the arms of contestants. You think he'd know better but Phil Winstanley is now organising a web focused DDD, cunningly named "WebDD" for the 3rd of February, 2007. So Phil, where's my speaker invite? ;)

As ever my colleague Chris Seary stalked me during the presentation and took photos. Lots of photos.

Chris put the camera away. NOW Questions? Yes, you at the back Why can't he stand in one place?

And just to keep Craig happy, some tagging;

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