I've been asked to present my WebDD presentation "An Introduction to CardSpace" at VBug, Cambridge on the 6th March at Anglia Ruskin University. For those who couldn't make WebDD the talk was outlined as

Windows CardSpace is a framework developed by Microsoft which securely stores digital identities of a person, and provides a unified interface for choosing the identity for a particular transaction, such as logging in to a website. This talk will cover how CardSpace works, how it can be used within ASP.NET applications and how you can implement CardSpace logins on your own web site.

Presenting CardSpace Feedback from the presentation so far has included feedback from Ian "Irascian" Smith;

Barry Dorrans, as ever, gave an informative and entertaining performance - this time on the notoriously difficult subject of CardSpace. Frequently politically incorrect (click on the last photo on this page and check out his laptop decoration for an example of what I mean) Barry has a style that I can only describe as 'uniquely his' (in a good way).

Richard Peat described the session as

All in all it was a pretty informative talk, and perhaps the biggest thing to take away from it was that Windows CardSpace is perhaps not quite ready for the big time - but it has definite possibilities.

Richard Costall, despite having come in because Scott's session on WPF/E was full, seemed to take something away and even appreciated the two animated slides I had laboured for a day on;

Barry is an entertaining speaker and explained CardSpace really well, using 'state of the art' powerpoint animations. It was an entertaining way to end the day, even if when it came to questions, he was asked "When will WPF/E be available" - It was actually the first time, I actually thought I understood what cardspace is!

And yes, I fully agree with his comment on the laptop decoration; it seemed like a good idea at the time and still amuses when I end up going through security checks at airports and have to take the laptop out of the bag <g>. At least this time I won't be competing with ScottGu, but there won't be any balconies to throw t-shirts from.