You can now vote on sessions you want to see at the next Developer Day. It's rather funny to see an entire Security section manned by my colleague, Chris Seary, and myself, I should have submitted more than one session just to try to catch up with Chris

I hope to cover CardSpace, a talk I originally gave at WebDD except this time I won't be up against ScottGu <g>

Richard Costall described the session from WebDD thus;

I ended up being lured into a talk on CardSpace by Barry Dorrans. His session was described as the Overflow room for Scott's talk, once in, the facade fell off, just like the child catchers trailer in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - and we set off on a talk about CardSpace. Barry is an entertaining speaker and explained CardSpace really well, using 'state of the art' powerpoint animations. It was an entertaining way to end the day, even if when it came to questions, he was asked "When will WPF/E be available" - It was actually the first time, I actually thought I understood what cardspace is!

So go vote. Vote early. Vote often. Vote for me. (errr, maybe not vote often, why not insert your own "... or the kitten gets it" clause here.)


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