After the Bluetooth problems and the broken S/SMTP implementation two updates give me a useful phone.

S/SMTP was fixed by an update to my mail server. Small companies react quickly, one email to Alt-N support detailing the problem and 4 days later a fix appeared as part of an update. MDaemon is a great piece of software, a cheap mail server which supports POP, IMAP, S/SMTP, WebMail, mailing lists and DNS blacklists. Couple this with their responsive support and a CEO that answers emails from customers I highly recommend it to people who want a Windows mail server and who don't want the pain of Exchange.

Orange also released an update for the E200. I can finally use the phone as a modem from my laptop so I can surf the web, umm, work on the train. ClearType finally made an appearance by default, the screen looks a lot better. Hopefully the battery life will have improved, but I'll have to wait and see. There's still no file push/receive over BlueTooth though. The update wipes your phone, so you need to reinstall contacts, calanders and software. Your SMS and MMS inbox will be wiped. Software locks came back on to the default settings, but the rant from MSMobiles is wrong, not for the first time either <g>. You can still install unsigned shareware or freeware, but software that needs priviledged access, like SmartFilter won't install.