Got a phone running Microsoft SmartPhone 2003? Well AtomicLava may well have the perfect photo blog software

Camera phones are fun (especially when the fianceé is showing off the bikini she has bought for the honeymoon), but what can you do with the photos you take? Numerous mobile blogs (moblogs) have sprung up around the web in the last year as camera phones become more popular, but they can be painful to use by either sending your picture as an MMS or via email.

Not any more. The smart spods at root6 decided to use the compact .net framework built into Windows Mobile phones and put an easy to use face on it all.

client software My phone now runs their custom client, a well designed robust program which allows you to preview and select photos, sounds and even videos, title and comment your media then add then to a delivery queue. You can then syncronise with their blog server, sending your new blogs and pulling back any comments people have made on your photos.

It's simple to use (hence this review is short) and the people behind their emails (Hi James!) respond quickly and in a friendly manner. They provide a javascript file so you can insert your latest pictures onto your web page, as well as an RSS feed, which I am pulling down, editing a little and using to feed my latest photos on my home page.

It's still in beta, so I have no idea if it will be advertising supported, or subscription based or a mixture of both models. The publishing site is pretty basic right now, with no way to template your pages, but I'm hoping that's in the pipeline.

So why are you waiting? Got a Windows Mobile 2003 phone? GPRS? Go see if you can get in on the beta.

One question remains. AtomicLava? How many pints did it take before that was suggested? <g>