Fame, fortune, a link from asp.net. My poor little DSL is going to burp, I can just see it. I remember getting linked from the original MSDN communities site, I got a really ugly t-shirt that time, now I just get hits. Shame the adsense ads are rather off topic.

One of my old MSN UK friends is now blogging. Nice to see fatherhood hasn't stopped him from random purchasing, the Hello Kitty typing USB hub is, well, interesting. The other old MSN blogger Steve is turning into uPNP boy. All very cool, until you realise that no-one sells these toys in a supportable state outside the US. I'm still looking for a uPNP WAP gateway which doesn't expect to be a router and doesn't expect to be plugged directly into my DSL socket, so I can move the laptops and guest machines onto an internal IP range, without affecting my servers.