So whilst we sit and wait for our change to be overflow speakers at WebDD ("Hi, I'm not Scott Guthrie") I suggested a little experiment. In the speaker's lounge, replete with fluffy pillows there were three boxes of free t-shirts. Plip and I took two t-shirts from each box and placed them on the shelves in the coffee area outside the conference rooms then quickly retired to watch what happened. As the first session exited we had our first sniff, an attendee came up and closely examined all three shirt types, looked around, then moved a Telerik shirt onto a Wrox Press shirt, looked around, walked away, then came back, folded them and shoved them in his bag. Success; and the poor sod looked very shifty as he melted back into the crowd. The next swag bagger took a single shirt and left with a grin. Then we had another double bagger, again looking rather nervous as he bundled both shirts into his bag. Now a lone Wrox Press t-shirt sits there forlorn, abandoned with no-one to love. Ah the amusing things I do to keep myself awake as the clock ticks towards session time.