Everytime I speak at conferences or usergroups I end up using the same biography, I'm bored with it, it's so formal, staid, pinstriped and, well, as anyone who has seen me present that doesn't fit. So, I am offering you, dear readers, the chance to rewrite my biography. One of my fellow BBS inhabitants suggested;

Barry's no nonsense approach to MS Veebelfetzer 2.4 installation and tuning is a refreshing change from the norm. You'll be dancing in the aisles as he explains the differences between MS Veebelfetzer 2.4 and its competitors through a song 'n dance routine straight out of the West End ...of Redmond, that is!

When not speaking about or tuning MS Veebelfetzer 2.4, Barry enjoys reggae concerts and attempting to communicate with ducks.

I dread to think what Pat will come up with ...

(legal notice : by suggesting someone you release all rights, blah, blah, blah. What, you think I'm serious? Dear lord, I know exactly what some of you will write. I just need inspiration!)