A new CTP was announced by the Windows Home Server group today. The install is a lot smoother and allows you (finally) to choose the server name and regional settings. However they've introduced a new problem; strong passwords. My normal administrator password isn't strong enough, and neither is my user login. An option is provided to turn off the password complexity requirements; but it doesn't work. At all. By default the slide says it's medium, the requirements of which my password meets, however I'll be damned if I can actually enter it.

So now in order to access shares on my server I will have change the login password I've used for years. Great. Wonderful.

(21:45 Aha, it appears if a user has remote access enabled then their password must conform to the most complex setting. There's a way around this; temporarily remove the remote access requirement from the user using the WHS console and enter a password. Once the user is created you can Remote Desktop into the WHS server and manually add the user to the "Remote Desktop Users" NT group using Computer Management.)


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