NxtGenUG Winner 06/07 It was the NxtGen Fest07 event yesterday; but client work meant I couldn't attend, which also meant I couldn't pick up my award for Best Presentation, Oxford. Chris Seary picked it up on my behalf and (I am told) attempted to give my acceptance speech in an Irish accent (below). Someone please tell me you videoed it.

Obviously would have loved to be there today; but unfortunately I’m filming the next Bond movie in the Bahamas right now, as you can see from the back drop on this video link.

Actually I don’t know what the award is. And I’m rather worried, as knowing Rich and Dave it may well be a gilded cabbage. Or an inflatable microphone. Or a suitcase full of old swag.

However none of that matters; I’d obviously like to thank everyone that attends the meetings, Rich Dave and John for letting Chris, Dave and I to start up the Oxford branch under their banner and I look forward to more presentations in the next year.

Like Guy, who won the Best Presentation, Coventry, I'm somewhat surprised to win an award for a presentation I have great fun giving. I'm even more surprised the award is a little cup, with my name on it, and not an inflatable item (like a microphone, stop that smut in your head)

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