Vote for Subtext I'm late to the game here (darned time zones), Simone, Scott and Phil have already pointed out that Subtext has been nominated for two community awards; Most Collaborative Project and Best Project for Communications. We're one of two .NET based projects in the running (the other being vmukti, a .NET project which has corporate backing; subtext is just for the love of it).

Is the nomination nice? Hell yea. Does it prove anything? Probably not. The categories indicate how much of a popularity contest it is; how would users know which if Subtext, Azureus, XOOPS, Zimbra or ADempiere most values your patches and input? It's all very strange and harkens back to being the last one picked in PE at school. Well, second to last anyway.

Of course I'm not suggesting you should vote for subtext based purely on the fact that it's a .NET system, nor that it's BSD licensed and not GPL. No, I'm suggesting that you vote for it ... because I said so. Well it's as valid a reason as anything else. Phil pointed out how .NET gets overlooked in the Open Source world because of the black and white viewpoint of some open source "evangelists". When Jeff Atwood announced he was going to gave $10,000 to open source .NET projects the comments were telling. For example;

As someone who has developed multiple OpenSource projects on Windows, I have issues with .NET.

First off, are all the various .NET's licenses one has to agree to in order to work under the system GPL compatible? Microsoft has been known to craft EULAs with the specific purpose of making them GPL-incompatable.

There's the insistence by some that anything that's not GPL licensed isn't open source. BSD begs to differ.

In fact, the whole MS platform eco system isn't suitable for open source tools to become very effective. As soon as they do, MS will come with an equivalent, and what's worse: large droves of developers don't even know how to spell open source, left alone that they're even looking for open source projects, they simply look at Redmond and wait till MS comes with something.

Then there's the "MS is out to kill everything so why even try" attitude.

What the open-source community should really be supporting isn't some framework that only Windows users can use, but PORTABLE projects across several operating systems, including Linux, Windows, MorphOS and Amiga.

Ah because software isn't portable it's not good open source? Thousands of WordPress users would beg to differ.

You've hit the nail squarely on the head. Microsoft doesn't believe in Open Source because they look at Open Source as a competitor to the way they do business.

Every once in a while, Microsoft will start going through the motions of supporting Open Source, but then either Microsoft loses interest or some sort of power struggle took place, and strategic plans get changed.

Since when was developing an Open Source project about doing what Microsoft wants? Heck RMS was pretty much in "Stick it to da man" mode when he started out. Sure Sharepoint 2007 comes with a blogging engine; does that mean that Subtext is now dead? Heck no. Do you want to pay for a Sharepoint license to blog? What Microsoft wants or needs is incidental to most open source projects. Subsonic is happily moving forward, despite linq coming in the next version of the .NET framework. It fills a hole *now* and doesn't require upgrades left right and centre.

Other major companies like Google, IBM, and even Sun actually not only provide financial support for the Open Source community (like Google's Summer of Code), but hire employees whose primary job it is just to work on Open Source projects.

So WiX doesn't count? IronPython? The Microsoft sponsored Ruby and Java cardspace code out there?

You know what? I've changed my mind. Vote for Subtext not just because you use it, or because we actually listen and actively help users, if that's not enough vote because it's a .NET project and I'm heartily sick of the all or nothing attitude and snobbery that some Open Source developers on the other side of the platform fence seem to have.