So I’ve been neglecting the technical blogging for a while (whilst I try to compete some demo code of a full working Information Card Identity Provider, you know how it is, you write code, then realise that it’s probably not clear enough, and keep looping around). However the nxtgenug TechEd competition has also been sucking my time.

Part of the benefit of being a branch organiser is that, well, I get a few more goes that normal, not that I can win of course. So, I went rather mad, with the aim of wiping out entire countries (and a continent);


So first I decided on a continent, and one where Rich or Dave can’t steal swag from, Antarctica. Lots of clicks later, avoiding seals, whales and killer penguins with machine gungs I can confirm that the ticket is not in Antarctica.

180px-Rolf After Antarctica I headed east to the land of Neighbours, Dame Edna and of course one of the firm favourites of my childhood, classical artist Rolf Harris. Avoiding dingos and drop bears I bravely covered the whole of Australia to no avail, no ticket there.

406~Hobbit-Group-Lord-of-the-Rings-Over-Sized-PostersFurther east again to Middle Earth, err New Zealand, avoiding geysers, kiwis (birds and rugby players) and checked every single lamb to make sure they hadn’t eaten the ticket. No luck there either.

bjork_07 As you can imagine by now searching the southern most countries I was rather annoyed to not found anything. A call to Rich later I was on my way home, via the shortest route. Except they’d booked me a stop over. In Iceland. "Get out and search" laughed Dave down the phone. "More bloody geysers" I muttered. After a filling meal of whale with grated puffin (Honestly, you can get there, I was offered it when I was there).  Avoiding water spouts, glaciers and expensive booze off I trekked. Nothing, unless the fairy folk hid it. So you can strike Iceland off the list.

15 Finally home. I got off the plane. Rang Rich who promptly said "Well while you’re in the UK, why don’t you help out and look there, there will be swag in it for you". *sob*

So dear readers from Lands End to John O’Groats I searched. From Londonderry to Belfast and all around. Nothing. They didn’t even lose the damned ticket close to home.

I don’t know what else to say, how I can help you more. But at least you know it’s not anywhere I’ve searched. Good luck to you TechEd ticket hunters.

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