outtwit Outlook controls my life. It gets my emails. It holds my address book, calendar and syncs them to my phone. It pulls down my RSS feeds via Newsgator and now it even pulls in my Twitter messages using OutTwit. (it’s surprising how addictive Twitter became as more and more people I knew started using it. Blogging for those with short attention spans)

Yes, OutTwit is an early alpha release; it has limitations (you can’t reply to a message easily yet, every tweet has that status message of "This message has not been sent", you can’t get Outlook to popup its toast popups when a new tweet arrives but it has one big advantage, it holds your history of tweets.

Last week twitter removed the ability to backwards in your timeline; people hated it and it was very quickly restored. With OutTwit your historical messages are permanent and if you have WDS installed they’re indexed and searchable. This more than makes up for the current niggles.

Now if I could just get an NTP extension that I like I’d have every communication medium I use on a regular basis (no, I don’t phone people that often, talking to people is scary) in one program I always have open.

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