It appears I started a trend. Once I setup the nxtgen twitter account I sent an email to an email list I’m subscribed to which contains a bunch of other community "leaders" (I’m not so much a leader, but a community whore according to Sarah). In the hours that have followed we have VBUG, DDD and Scottish Devs all appearing on Twitter.

So what do you need to do to be this trendy and web 2.0? A twitter account, an RSS feed for your user group and TwitterFeed (oh and you need an OpenID account to log in to TwitterFeed; I’d suggest either or as both of these services support Information Cards which reduces the phishing OpenID is so vulnerable to.)

So step by step instructions time;

  1. Create your Twitter account. Add a brief description, a URL and a picture on the Twitter settings page.
  2. Sign up for your OpenID if you don’t have one already.
  3. Go to TwitterFeed and login using your OpenID.
  4. Add your usergroup RSS feed to TwitterFeed. I recommend only using the title; attempting to bring in the content is not going to work given twitter’s message length constraints.
  5. Wait for an hour for TwitterFeed to pull in your RSS.
  6. Publicise your new cutting edge marketing strategy.
  7. Get venture capital.
  8. Profit.

One thing that’s a little painful; there’s no way in Twitter that I have found to set an account to follow those people who follow you. This is a good idea, as it will allow your community members to be discovered by other community members who view the twitter home page for your usergroup. Manual labour time I’m afraid.

Adam Kinney pointed out in the comments that Twitter can turn on automatic follows for you. Excellent (*rubs hands together*)

(and be nice folks; TwitterFeed is run via donations. Fire up your PayPal account and send them a little something.)

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