Mrs Doyle Craig points out that Plip has let the cat out of the bag with regards to Techrepchaun, the first DDD Ireland.

So on May 3rd the usual DDD crowd, with added Europeans descend upon Galway and attempt to drink the country dry, errr, I mean, bring DDD to Ireland. As with all DDD events it’s free, held on a Saturday, there are no Microsoft speakers and we try to mix up experienced speakers with willing first time victims.

The agenda is available, although subject to change. The major difference from UK DDD events is an entire track dedicated to WCF. We’ve press ganged Dominick Baier, Christian Weyer, Daniel Fisher and Michael Willers into giving us their expertise for the day; something you’d normally pay big bucks for.

So Irish Devs, you have no excuse not to attend a DDD, not now we’re bringing it to you (and this time I do mean we, rather than speak I’m sort of hovering in the background pretending to organise; although in this I am Father Dougal to Craig’s Father Ted. Obviously I just want some Guinness and Tayto cheese & onion crisps.)

Watch the web site for location details and announcements of more speakers, social events etc.