Just checked twitter and instead of the fail whale I got something different … “This Web Site Has Been Hacked By Iranian Cyber Arm”. Oh dear. At least there’s no destructive payload, no virus installers, just the vandalism. Interesting though, they’ve managed to upload pictures to the twitter servers. There doesn’t appear to be a redirect or anything that would indicate XSS, something twitter has had big problems with.

When I hit refresh it’s back to normal. I’m wondering if they’ve managed to get some servers but not all, which may point to cracking the servers themselves, rather than some sort of SQL injection or other naughtiness. I hit refresh again and it’s back to the hack, with some different images available and some different ones missing, refresh again, back to the twitter home page. What I did manage to capture I’ve zipped up. More refreshes and everything seems good.

Can anyone translate

بنام خدا
به عنوان یک ایرانی در پاسخ به دخالت های شیطنت آمیز این سرویس دهنده به دستور مقامات آمریکایی در امور داخلی کشورم ) 
این سایت به عنوان هشدار هک می شود

What is going on? Techcrunch have more so I’m not going mad here …

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